Reef Fish

You can view this on the iPhone by tapping the 'i' button in the top right corner of the screen

Swipe with your finger to scroll down and see all the tips.

When you start the app, you’ll see a list of the most common families of fish in this area. Reef Fish Guides Lite has a limited selection, of course: it's just a demo to let you see what the apps are like before deciding to buy them.

There is a row of buttons at the bottom that will take you to five different sections. The leftmost one is ‘Fish Families’, where you start. You can tap on the other buttons there to go straight to those sections.

‘Fish Families’ shows a list of the most common families of fish in this area, along with a little picture of one of them, as well as a count of how many fish we have included (in parentheses) for that family.

Let‘s talk about the ‘Fish Families’ section first.
You can scroll down them by flicking with your fingertip, or tap on the index letters on the right side of the screen to go to the ‘W’s part, or the ‘M’s, etc..

Tap on a fish family, and you’ll go to a list of all the fish in that family. If there is just one, you‘ll go straight to the details about that fish.

In many places in this app, you’ll see a button at the top left that will take you back to the previous view.

If you’re now looking at a list of the fish in one family, you can tap on one to see the details about this fish. That takes you to a view where there is a large picture of the fish, as well as details about it along the bottom.

Sometimes the details don’t all fit at once, so you‘ll need to flick with your finger to scroll down to see the rest.

There is a heart-shaped button at the top right side, with a plus in the middle. Tap it if you want to add the fish to your ‘Favorites’ list.

Tap on the picture of the fish, and it will fill the whole screen. Turn the phone sideways to see this big picture. When you’re done, tap the screen to go back to the fish details.

You can go back to the list of fish in the family, or just tap one of the other buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The ‘All Fish’ button takes you to a list of the hundreds of fish included, in alphabetical order. You see a little picture of the fish, its common name, and its Hawaiian name, in the case of Reef Fish Hawaii.

You can scroll down them by flicking with your fingertip, or tap on the index letters on the right side of the screen to go to the ‘W’s part, or the ‘M’s, etc..

Tap on one of the fish to go to the details about that fish.

The ‘Slideshow’ button at the bottom of the screen takes you to a full screen slideshow of the fish pictures, in random order. A new fish appears about every 3 seconds. Tap twice on the screen anywhere to come back to the main screen.

You can also pause the slideshow by tapping once. The name of the fish will appear at the bottom. While paused, you can view details about the fish by swiping in any direction. To return to the slideshow, press the button at the bottom.

To resume the slideshow, tap once. To exit, tap twice.

The ‘Favorites’ button at the bottom of the screen takes you to a list of your favorite fish. At first, there are none. You can add them by tapping on the heart shaped top right button whenever you’re looking at the details of a fish.

You can scroll down them by flicking with your fingertip. Tap on one to go to the details for that fish.

Some people will use this to keep track of a few fish they’re interested in. Others may use it to keep track of the fish they’ve seen on this trip. This list will be preserved for the next time you use the app. However, it is cleared when you do a version update, as the fish included may change, or if you delete and reinstall the app.

In the top left corner is an ‘Edit’ button. Click it if you want to delete some of the fish. You‘ll see a red button with a bar in the middle on the left side of each fish. If you tap it, a red ‘Delete’ button will appear by that fish.

Click it if you want to delete the fish from the ‘Favorites’ list. Or click the round red button again if you’ve changed your mind and want to keep it.

You can also bring up the ‘delete’ button from the main ‘Favorites’ list by swiping left to right. You can make it go away by swiping right to left.

At the top right is a button labeled ‘Clear all’. That allows you to delete all fish from ‘Favorites’ at once. You‘ll get a chance to cancel before it happens. Do be careful, as you cannot undo deleting them all.

When you’re done, click ‘Done’ at the top left to go back to the ‘Favorites’ list.

The ‘Books’ button takes you to information about the books our authors have available to help you learn more about the fish, and to guide you to where the best places are to snorkel or enjoy the beaches.

Tap on a picture to see more and get more details. If you go on, there are buttons that will take you straight to our websites, or directly to to buy the books if you wish.

If you are not connected to the internet, either via WiFi if you’re using a Touch, or via cellular data access on an iPhone, a message will come up telling you that you’re not connected. If that’s the case, you’ll have to wait till you are connected to use those features.

From the 'Families' screen, you can access videos. Tap the video camera icon on the top left corner. A list of the videos will come up. If you are connected to the internet via Wifi or 3G cellular, the videos will begin to load. Wifi takes about 5 seconds before the videos will begin playing. 3G takes longer, but will work. You can tap the screen to bring up the controls to pause the video, or rewind it, or click 'Done' to exit.

We hope you enjoy using Reef Fish guides and use them to help you get to know reef fish better, and share them with your friends and family. If you snorkel elsewhere in the world, look for other Reef Fish apps with the fish for those areas, which will be coming to the App Store soon. Currently they are available for Hawaii and Florida & Caribbean areas.

If you don’t see your favorite fish listed, it’s not a mistake. We list only the most common fish seen by snorkelers to avoid confusion. There are many more fish, and a greater depth of detail, in the fish guides you can find by clicking the ‘Books’ button.

No crashes or problems with our apps have ever been detected by Apple, so if Reef Fish won't run properly on your phone, here are a few suggestions. Reef Fish requires a 2nd generation or newer Touch or iPhone, or any iPad, running OS 2.2.1 or higher.

These devices benefit by restarting them occasionally, so you may want to try rebooting them (hold down the top right 'sleep' button for several seconds until the 'slide to power off' control comes up. Slide it, and the device will power off. This takes several seconds. After the screen is black, press and hold the same button several seconds until the Apple logo appears. The phone is now booting. After a brief time, it will be back fresh and ready to go.

It's a good idea to sych your phone with iTunes, and under the 'File' menu select 'Transfer purchases from your ...' in case you bought Reef Fish on the phone itself. Then do a backup.

Then, you can delete the app on your phone by holding down the app till it wobbles, and then tapping the 'x' in the top corner. Then, when you synch, you can select Reef Fish in the app tabs and reinstall it.

If you wish to make comments or suggestions, please email me at